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How to choose the right 3D printing filament for 3D printer?
You have a 3D printer, you want to print something you want, now you need to choose the right material or filaments for this job; there are quiet broad range of materials for 3D printer, plastic filament, metal, paper, Ceramic available. But what is the right material for your design? The printer you use, the object you want to print and other elements also have influence; it is very important and vital to determine the right 3D print material. In the following, we will give some tips about the plastic filaments.

1/Filament diameter
3D printer has very strict standard for filaments, the filament material injected into extruder through the wheel gear, the distance between wheel gear and pulley is constant; if the diameter of filament used is over 1.8mm for a long time, the wheel gear and pulley will apart and cannot process filament. On the other way, the filament is too thin than 1.58mm, the gear and pulley cannot feel it, it still won’t work.
The shape of the filament is very important too, it is should be very round. Regularly, the tolerance is within 0.05mm.

2/The raw material of filament
Normally, new material of filament needs to have good flowability, but it should be moderate; not more flow, better. If the filament has too high flowability, when printing, the melting filament liquid will extrude faster to cause drawback on the object; if the flowability is very low, the filament can squeeze out from the extruder head or extrude discontinuity.

3/The workmanship and package of filament
We also need to pay attention to the workmanship of the filament, bending, scratch, dent, dark mark, bubble or dust etc. all of these are not acceptable.
About the package, most of producer use transparent PVC film to pack filament, but when heated or long time stocking, the PVC film easily stick on the filament and hard to remove, it caused lots of troubles. Otherwise, dissident is another problem when exporting the filament. And now the new filament has even good quality, with vacuum package and sealed pack bag, the filament can expose in the air for 3 months without any damage caused.

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