Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Board ATMEGA16U2

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  • 1pcs ATmega2560-16AU Board + 1pcs USB cable

    Mega2560 R3 version is the latest version of the MEGA Series controller, The Mega 2560 R3 is a microcontroller board based on the Arduino ATmega2560. It's for kinds of diy machines, are widely used in delta robot 3d printers and other Reprap 3d printers.

    Microcontroller: ATmega2560
    Operating Voltage: 5V
    Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V
    Input Voltage (limits): 6-20V
    Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 15 provide PWM output)
    Analog Input Pins: 16
    DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA
    DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50 mA
    Flash Memory: 256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader
    SRAM: 8 KB
    EEPROM: 4 KB
    Clock Speed: 16MHz

    Method of use:

    1. Download the arduino IDE
    Download address: (copy open)

    2. Download the USB chip driver
    The client download address: Id = 126

    3. Plug in 2560 development board, driver is automatically installed

    4. Choose the board MEGA2560 in die

    5. Select the COM port, this can query in my computer, just your port 2560 development board

    6. To choose the best, the arduino own routine procedures, burn in
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