We have 16 tooth, 18 tooth, 20 tooth, 24 tooth, 32 tooth, 36 tooth, 40 Tooth GT2 pulleys which in 5mm, 6.35mm, 8mm and 10mm Bore in stock, welcome to order!
Now we have promotional prices for GT2 Pulleys 16 Tooth 5mm Bore, 18 Tooth 5mm and 6.35mm Bore, 20 Tooth 5mm, 6.35mm and 8mm Bore below:
100-299pcs 1.3USD/pc
300-499pcs 1.2USD/pc
500-999pcs 1.1USD/pc
1000-2000pcs 0.95USD/pc
2001-5000pcs 0.9USD/pc
For wholesale please contact us!

GT2 Timing Pulleys

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